Evergood Coffee, Norwegians favorite coffee


In 2015, Evergood became the best-selling coffee brand in Norwegian stores, and more than 90 per cent of all adult Norwegians are familiar with the Evergood brand name, clearly highlighting our coffee’s predominant position in Norway. The background for Evergood having built up such a solid market position and positive reputation among most Norwegians is that the company has focused unswervingly on quality from the start. The fundamental concept is that Evergood is to provide the same exquisite taste experience time after time. That is why Joh. Johannson, which produces the coffee, has always focused on emphasizing that this is a high quality coffee that costs a little extra – for the sake of the flavor.

Evergood was launched in 1954 as a coffee primarily comprising top quality beans from coffee growers based in the highlands of Africa and South America. The coffee was vacuum packed and processed in the best possible way to retain the fantastic aroma.

For the first few years, Evergood was principally available in Oslo and the commercial areas around the capital. In the 1960s, however, the company was looking to expand distribution of this fine brand to all parts of Norway – partly because the market was crying out for high quality coffee, and partly because it was important for Joh. Johannson to focus on this brand in competition with other players. Norway had a long tradition of enjoying good coffee, competition was tough, and several other skilled operators were active on the market. Against this background it was important and appropriate to build Evergood up as the leading coffee brand for the entire country.

Evergood was originally positioned in the market as an exclusive, high quality coffee reserved for those people who were willing to pay a little extra for an excellent coffee experience. That was at a time when society was distinguished by shortages of various goods and a relatively restricted economy, in a country that was gradually getting back on its feet after the war.

Today, Evergood is the coffee people treat themselves to when they want “the best of the best” in a country where consumers can choose from a huge range of goods.