Prepare the perfect cup of Evergood Coffee!

When you prepare a a cup of Evergood Coffee, you need to use cold and clean water. Use filtered or bottled water; avoid tap, distilled, or softened water.

Secondly, use the right measuring tool; and finally, it is important to have clean brewing equipment that ensures the right temperature – both during the actual brewing process and especially for storage.

Coffee of high quality contains more than 1,000 different substances, and a good preparation process should ensure that the good, tasty aromas are freed and enhanced. For this, it is important that the equipment is calibrated to give the water in contact with the ground coffee a temperature between 197,6° F and 204,8° F. Too low temperature does not release all the flavors, and the finished coffee becomes “flat” in flavor. Oppositely, if the temperature is too high, it will trigger the release of substances that are not desirable in the aroma composition, such as tannic acid.

Here is a list of factors that can help you achieve the best coffee:

  • It is important that the equipment used is clean, and for coffeemakers that are regularly used, it is recommended to clean them once every two weeks.
  • Use fresh, cold water, and ideally use a special container to fill water in the coffeemaker.
  • To get coffee the way you want it, it is important to use the right amount of coffee in relation to water. 60-70 grams of coffee (6-7 measuring spoons) per liter (33.81 oz) of water gives a good, rich coffee.
  • Coffee is a product that is very sensitive to light, air and moisture, and the coffee should be kept in its original packaging. Coffee tins are lovely, but the packaging should be kept on when in a tin. This way you avoid the coffee losing its flavor and aroma.
  • The coffee taste best as soon as it is done. It should not be left longer than 30 minutes. Then it can get a bitter or burnt aftertaste.
  • If you are serving coffee from a coffee pot, it should be preheated with hot water to reduce heat loss.


Preparation of the perfect Evergood Coffee – step by step.

The most common way to brew Evergood is with a coffeemaker. To obtain the best coffee possible it is important that the equipment is clean.

Put a filter in the filter holder and rinse it lightly under cold water.
Measure the correct amount of fresh, cold water in a container and pour it into the coffeemaker.


Then pour the desired amount of filter grind coffee in the rinsed filter. 60-70 grams of coffee (6-7 level measuring spoons) per liter water (33.81 oz) gives a good and full-bodied flavor. This is equal to about 8 cups of coffee.


When the coffee is finished, it should be served immediately to retain the good flavor.