Privacy Policy


This privacy statement is about how Joh. Johannson Kaffe AS and JOH-SALG AS collect and use information about visitors to our websites. The statement contains information you are entitled to when collecting information from our site and general information about how we process personal information.


The responsible data controller

Joh. Johannson Kaffe AS and JOH-SALG AS (hereinafter called Joh. Johannson Kaffe) are responsible for the processing of your personal information. Questions about privacy can be directed to Evergood Kaffe by e-mail:

Purpose of treatment

It is voluntary for those who visit the website to provide personal information in connection with services such as surveys, participation in competition, submission of contact form etc. We will use your information for any of the following purposes To follow up inquiries via contact form or hold competitions.

Web Analytics and Cookies (Cookies)

When you visit, we use a tool, Matomo, to analyze your use of the website. The purpose of this is to compile statistics that we use to improve and further develop the content of the site. Examples of what the statistics answer to are how many people visit different pages, how long the visit lasts, which sites the users come from and what kind of browser is used. We cannot trace the information we collect back to the individual user. We collect the entire IP address, but the IP address is unidentified. In addition, the IP addresses are processed at the aggregate level, ie all data is merged into a group and not processed individually.

The basis for this is to be able to provide the best possible information for our visitors. Cookies Information cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer when you download a website. Joh. Johannson Kaffe uses cookies for various services on our website to work. You can read more about the various cookies we use further down. The basis for this is the Article 6 (1 f) Privacy Regulation, which allows us to process information that is necessary to safeguard a legitimate interest that weighs heavier than the privacy policy.

The legitimate interest is to get services on the website to work. Storage of information and processing of information from cookies is not permitted unless the user of the website has been informed about and has given his consent to the processing. The user must be informed about and approve which information is processed, what the purpose of the processing is and who is processing the information, cf. Electronic Communications Act § 2-7b. You can read more about how to manage cookies at

The following cookies are used on

  • _pk_id (Used in connection with web analytics)
  • _pk_ref (Used in connection with web analytics)
  • _pk_ses (Used in connection with web analytics) with web analytics)
  • _pk_cvar (Used in connection with web analytics)


What information is being processed?

We process both personally identifiable information and non-personally identifiable information about you. Personally identifiable information is information that identifies you as an individual. Non-personally identifiable information is information and other information that does not disclose your personal identity.

Personally Identifiable Information

We collect and process the following information: If you contact Joh. Johannson Kaffe via the web pages, for example sending us an e-mail or filling in a form, relevant information could be stored, for example name and e- mailing address and the inquiry itself.

Access to the information

In order to ensure that the processing of information with us is done in a safe manner, only specially approved persons in Joh. Johannson Kaffe which has access to the information you provide us. The number of employees with such approval is limited. The access to information is secured by access control mechanisms.

Data processors and transfer of information abroad

Joh. Johannson Kaffe has entered into an agreement with the following data processors: Hubster AS: Develops technology, content and hosts the analysis tool Matomo for Joh. Johannson Kaffe. Mekke media: Hosts the websites of Joh. Johannson Kaffe. Naug & Venner advertising agency: Support by the visual expression on the websites, as well as support by competitions. Sjo Kommunikasjon: Contribute with content on Joh. Johannson Kaffe’s websites. All Joh. Johannson Kaffe’s website is p.t. placed on servers in Norway, but our data processors have reserved the right to transfer information to servers or subcontractors in other countries. Country-specific data protection laws are followed. If we pass on personal data to a third party located outside the EEA, we will assure ourselves that the transfer will take place in accordance with the EU directive on personal data.

How do we secure the information?

Joh. Johannson Kaffe has established rules and procedures for the protection of personal data and privacy. If we process “not personally identifiable information” combined with “personally identifiable information” (for example, your name combined with geographical location), the aggregate information will be treated as personally identifiable information. If we disclose your personal information to a third party, we will assure you that there are arrangements and agreements that secure the information and prevent the third party from using the personal data for purposes other than those agreed upon. And data processors in connection with Joh. Johannson Kaffe has entered into agreements with his sub-vendors. We will use all reasonable precautions to ensure that our employees, data processors, and third parties who have access to your information have adequate information to ensure that they only process this information in accordance with this Statement and our obligations under the privacy legislation.

Your rights

All persons who ask have the right to information about the processing of personal data in an enterprise pursuant to section 18, paragraph 1, of the Personal Data Act. Joh. Johannson Kaffe has provided the information in this statement. Joh. Johannson Kaffe processes personal information about you, you are entitled to access your own information. If the personal information is incorrect, incomplete or it is not possible to process it, you can also ask Joh. Johannson Kaffe remedy the information. Please see the contact information in the statement at the beginning. We do not process and store information about you longer than is necessary for the intended purpose or for what is required under the agreements entered into and not beyond the legal framework. We delete personal information when a user informs that he / she no longer wants to use the service. For example, your email address that you submitted through our contact form, surveys or campaigns will be deleted when the case, investigation or campaign is completed.

Consent, choice of law and venue

This Privacy Statement applies to all users of our website. We require users to agree to abide by the Declaration as part of our relationship.
By using our website, you agree that your personal data may be processed in accordance with this Privacy Statement, including transferred to data processors and third parties as described in the Statement. Joh. Johannson Kaffe is subject to Norwegian law. You agree that any disputes shall be dealt with by the court in Oslo in accordance with the laws of Norway, unless otherwise provided by the presidential local law.

Changes in the declaration

Joh. Johannson Kaffe reserves the right to change or update the Privacy Statement. All changes are valid from the time they are published, and will include information collected from that date as well as existing information stored by Joh. Johannson Kaffe. You can find out when these guidelines were last revised by referring to “Last Updated” at the bottom of this page.

Last updated 16.05.19